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We teach a combination of martial arts techniques to suit every environment as well as practical weapon training.
WE ARE A WING CHUN KUNG FU ACADEMY BUT Our martial arts training also includes Brazilian JIu Jitsu, KickBoxing, and Street Self Defence.
4-7 Years old

These are the prime learning years for children aged 4 - 7 years old. One of the best skill sets you could possibly give them is the Martial Arts system. Not only does it teach your kids self-defence but it also boosts confidence in their early ages. This way our students and parents get peace of mind knowing that they are adding a great skill set for the future.  

8-13 Years old

When our social environment contains good and bad, very few children are taught how to defend themselves properly against bullies. Most children tolerate bullying despite the havoc it wreaks on their lives. However, with some very basic training in self-defense, these children’s lives could be vastly improved. We teach our students to walk away when it comes to bullying but we equip them with Martial Arts in the event they need to protect themselves.

14 and Over

Our adults class is very diverse. We have people as young as 14 all the way through to 70 years plus. We have courses for people just starting out and we have courses for the hard core martial artists. We know that with all our classes there will be some that need and want more than others, so we make sure that we adapt and teach from our Orginal Wing Chun Style all the way through to the Modern World Martial Arts.


Our classes include a lot of fun, fitness and skill when it comes to teaching martial arts. The children love it, parents enjoy getting involved and it brings smiles all round. We are big on the NO BULLY RULE. So when it comes to our youngest members, we want to make sure we set a great example from the start of their journey with us.




Most places will offer a free trial of some sort which is totally fine, but in our many years and experiences, sometimes that just doesn't work out best for the students.

Whether you are young or old, we want to make sure that we offer the best possible service where we can.

For individuals aged 14 and above, we provide introductory private lessons for those seeking to join our Wing Chun Kung Fu Academy. We bring you in to check out our venue, we talk about what benefits you can gain from our Academy and you will be taken through a 30-minute private lesson to teach you martial arts 1-on-1. This will help enable us to identify the areas we can help you with throughout the journey with us. That way you will not get thrown into the deep end in the bigger classes.

If you do have a lot of experience in martial arts, please let us know when you come through so we can identify what you are looking for with us and we can help you get the results faster.


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0414 355 826

(after hours)

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