William started learning Wing Chun from Sigung Rick Spain in 1994 at the age of twenty.


By 1998, William was teaching Kung Fu, and by 1999 he had opened a school of Wing Chun Kung Fu.


As a youngster, William was (and still is) a huge fan of Bruce Lee, and has always respected the Chinese forms of martial arts.


Starting out by learning boxing and then kickboxing, William soon determined that training with gloves was not completely practical in self-defense situations.


William compliments his Wing Chun Kung Fu knowledge with industry recognised Certificate III in Fitness and Certificate IV in Fitness, allowing him to impart a more holistic set of knowledge to his students.


Will teaches the open hand forms of sil lum tao, chum kil and bil jee and is expertly trained in mok jong (wooden dummy).


Will is also proficient in the traditional Wing Chun weapons including butterfly swords and dragon pole, as well as modern weapons including knife, two handed baton, single stick and double sticks and nunchuku.


The Hung Suen Kung Fu system that William teaches is practical and it will teach you skills which will work to protect you, your friends and your family.

SISOOK Matt LenNon

Matt started learning Wing Chun Kung Fu in his mid-twenties. That was in 1998. Matt learned Kung Fu in the Ipswich Kwoon from Sifu William Geertsma and from Sigung Rick Spain. Matt began teaching Kung Fu in 2003.


Matt started his pursuit of martial arts training with traditional ju-jutsu during his high school years. After graduation, there were a number of years working a desk job. After eight years, the itch to learn martials arts returned and Matt decided to get more active again.

Matt is keenly aware that there aren't any other actvities that have the volume of benefits that Kung Fu does. On the fitness side alone, Matt reminds us that Kung Fu improves strength, speed, cardio endurance, and coordination.

There is also the mental and psychological benefits that the study of Wing Chun will provide. A student will learn a lot about his or her self. Wing Chun practitioners develop real self defence skills. It's also fun and social.


Matt also posesses a personal trainers qualification (Certificate IV in Fitness), the Active After School Sports Certificate and he holds a valid Bluecard as well as a First Aid Certificate.


Matt teaches the open hand forms of sil lum tao, chum kil and bil jee and he is expertly trained in mok jong (wooden dummy). Matt is also proficient in the traditional wing chun weapons and weapon forms including butterfly swords and dragon pole, as well as modern weapons including knife, two handed baton, single stick and double sticks and nunchuku.


Matt continues to learn and master kung fu. Initially the main draw cards were to become physically fit and for self-defence. Over time the pursuit of learning the art became more about the endless four dimentional jigsaw puzzle that is Wing Chun.


Ian Roderick coordinates the school’s BJJ - Brazilian Jiu Jitsu program. Ian has been practising and perfecting the art of Wing Chun for over 10 years. As a 9th level Wing Chun Kung Fu black belt he has been under guidance Sifu William Geertsma. 

Over the last 5 years he has taken an additional interest in BJJ - Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. He has been working directly with Sigung Rick Spain to ensure that the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu curriculum is in line with the standards of the organisation. From strong stand points to the original art of BJJ, Ian brings the best of all the all martial arts that he has learn't over the many years.


Ian travels regularly to the Sydney Academy Centre to train, further develop skills and techniques and attends seminars based around the philosophy of the martial arts.

Ian has helped develop grading programs in and around our Brazilian Jiu Jitsu curriculum along with Sifu Rick Spain and William Geertsma. Enabling our Wing Chun Kung Fu Academy to proudly say we can truly teach Brazilian Jiu Jitsu along with our powerful martial art, Wing Chun.


Cameron Stumer has been involved with Wing Chun Kung Fu for the past seven years, currently sitting as a Level Nine Black Belt. 


Si Hing Cameron's story encompasses living by the ethics and principles espoused by our school. His martial arts story is in the journey to be the best version of himself and dedicates a daily routine of physical and mental training.


Si Hing Cameron embraces BJJ techniques to compliment his Wing Chun and is driven to marry his ground fighting skills to equal his stand up skills. Throughout his journey within the martial arts world he has become a valuable member within the Wing Chun Kung Fu Academy as a mentor, trainer and instructor.

Si Hing Cameron teaches adult and children classes, open hand forms and facilitates sparring. 


Greg has now been involved with the Wing Chun Kung Fu Style for over 6 years. His background originates from Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and comes from a great martial arts school for which he proudly respects his fellow students and instructors.

During his younger years, he competed in a variety of fighting and martial arts competitions including BJJ - Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, MMA - Mixed Martial Arts, Kickboxing, Boxing and Taekwondo. His competitive knowledge bought a great wealth of experience to our Wing Chun Kung Fu Academy.

As a trainer with our Wing Chung Kung Fu Academy, teaches the beginner BJJ class on Thursday evening. 2019 marks his 13th year as an accredited and registered personal trainer. He has completed a diploma of fitness with many specialisations and particular focuses are in boxing/kickboxing for fitness, rehabilitation, injury prevention and strength and conditioning. He values and respects  the safety of all students he teaches and he recognises that safety comes first for the young students that he teaches.

He is a well respected trainer and student among the Academy and continues to improve all his martial arts to help bring within our Wing Chun Kung Fu Academy.


After many years training in different styles of Martial Art including: Tae Kwon Do, Karate, Judo, Kick Boxing and Mauy Thai, Scott commenced training in Wing Chun at the end of 2000. The inspiration to train in Wing Chun was determined after a chance meeting with Sifu William Geertsma at an Ipswich Kwoon Display. 


Scott has also benefited from instruction under Sigung Rick Spain and other Sifu’s of Wing Chun.


Along with Wing Chun's tradition of Family Honour and Loyalty, the modern, real life application from an art that is reported to have started in the 1600’s proved to be the perfect style for Scott to study.


Scott found that the techniques taught on the Kwoon floor transitioned completely to application during his 17 years within the security industry 

proved that Wing Chun was and remains the right choice to deal with real world situations.


Scott believes there are many physical and mental benefits that are gained from the study and practice of Wing Chun. From improving general fitness right through to “being a machine”, the physical benefit is only limited to the effort and energy that the practictioner wishes to apply. The same can be said for the mental benefits.


Scott instructs in Chi Sao, Sil Lim Tao, Chum Kil and Bil Jee open hand forms, along with mok jong (Wooden Dummy).  And provides practical applications in traditional Wing Chun weapons such as the Dragon Pole, and more modern weapons of two handed baton, knife, single and double stick.


Scott accredits his survival of some life threatening situations directly to his having studied Wing Chun and having learnt that not all problems need be solved with violence.