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Our training techniques equip our students with practical physical self-defence skills, self-confidence and mental awareness for the modern world. We teach a combination of techniques to suit every environment as well as both traditional and practical weapon training.


Wing Chun uses scientific principles that do not require brute strength to be effective. Students learn a complete system where tradition and reality combine.


Phone today for a no obligation private lesson to trial our training program.

sihing scott meehan, sifu william geertsma, sisook mat lennon, sihing brendan dennison

Sihing Scott Meehan, Sifu William Geertsma, Sisook Matt Lennon
and Sihing Brendan Dennison



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Wing Chun Kung Fu


Wing Chun Kung Fu is a Southern Chinese Boxing system of Martial Arts.


It is our primary discipline at our Ipswich Academy and our Sydney Head Quarters and our sister schools in Australia and overseas.

Fight Conditioning


All of our classes will help you develop your Fight Conditioning.


Specifically, we offer you BJJ Core, Stretching, Fight Conditioning & Sparring classes.


Plus access to our Boot Camp Zone.


BJJ - Brazilian Jiu Jutsu


Jiu Jutsu, originally a Japanese system of wrestling/grappling which found its way to Brazil.


After many years of pressure testing and development, we now have an amazing grappling art - BJJ.

Seminars, Workshops & Courses


Workshops and Seminars throughout the year on topics such as Butterfly Swords, Nunchuku, Dragon Staff, Wooden Dummy, Knife Fighting, Urban Survival and more.


Plus courses on Nutrition and Women's Self Defence.

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