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sihing brendan dennison

Brendan started his Wing Chun journey in 2001 with Sifu William Geertsma and has also received instruction from Sigung Rick Spain.


He began his martial arts when he was eight years old, starting out in Zen Do Kai Karate. He then moved on to Tae Kwon Do which he studied consistently throughout high school. Brendan has always had a love for martial arts.


Brendan also has a Certificate III in fitness and he understands the importance of building all attributes of the body, including strength, endurance, speed and flexibility, and mental fortitude.


Brendan is expertly trained in all empty hand forms of Wing Chun as well as a variety of weapons taught at the school.


He teaches the Sil Lim Tao, Chum Kil, Bil Jee and the Wooden Dummy forms. Keeping to the true spirit of Wing Chun evolution, he also teaches Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and western boxing, plus traditional and modern weapons.


Brendan believes training in Wing Chun allows him to create the best version of himself, both inside and out. And that with dedication and patience anyone can achieve the greatness that they deserve.

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