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sihing scott meehan

After many years training in different styles of Martial Art including: Tae Kwon Do, Karate, Judo, Kick Boxing and Mauy Thai, Scott commenced training in Wing Chun at the end of 2000. The inspiration to train in Wing Chun was determined after a chance meeting with Sifu William Geertsma at an Ipswich Kwoon Display. 


Scott has also benefited from instruction under Sigung Rick Spain and other Sifu’s of Wing Chun.


Along with Wing Chun's tradition of Family Honour and Loyalty, the modern, real life application from an art that is reported to have started in the 1600’s proved to be the perfect style for Scott to study.


Scott found that the techniques taught on the Kwoon floor transitioned completely to application during his 17 years within the security industry 

proved that Wing Chun was and remains the right choice to deal with real world situations.


Scott believes there are many physical and mental benefits that are gained from the study and practice of Wing Chun. From improving general fitness right through to “being a machine”, the physical benefit is only limited to the effort and energy that the practictioner wishes to apply. The same can be said for the mental benefits.


Scott instructs in Chi Sao, Sil Lim Tao, Chum Kil and Bil Jee open hand forms, along with mok jong (Wooden Dummy).  And provides practical applications in traditional Wing Chun weapons such as the Dragon Pole, and more modern weapons of two handed baton, knife, single and double stick.


Scott accredits his survival of some life threatening situations directly to his having studied Wing Chun and having learnt that not all problems need be solved with violence.

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