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sisook mat lennon

Matt started learning Wing Chun Kung Fu in his mid-twenties. That was in 1998. Matt learned Kung Fu in the Ipswich Kwoon from Sifu William Geertsma and from Sigung Rick Spain. Matt began teaching Kung Fu in 2003.


Matt started his pursuit of martial arts training with traditional ju-jutsu during his high school years. After graduation, there were a number of years working a desk job. After eight years, the itch to learn martials arts returned and Matt decided to get more active again.


Initially it was the self defence and mental aspect of Kung Fu that played a big part in Matt's decision to study Wing Chun Kung Fu, and Matt has always been a fan of Kung Fu movies.


Matt is keenly aware that there aren't any other actvities that have the volume of benefits that Kung Fu does. On the fitness side alone, Matt reminds us that Kung Fu improves strength, speed, cardio endurance, and coordination.


There is also the mental and psychological benefits that the study of Wing Chun will provide. A student will learn a lot about his or her self. Wing Chun practitioners develop real self defence skills. It's also fun and social.


Matt also posesses a personal trainers qualification (Certificate IV in Fitness), the Active After School Sports Certificate and he holds a valid Bluecard as well as a First Aid Certificate.


Mat teaches the open hand forms of sil lum tao, chum kil and bil jee and he is expertly trained in mok jong (wooden dummy). Matt is also proficient in the traditional wing chun weapons and weapon forms including butterfly swords and dragon pole, as well as modern weapons including knife, two handed baton, single stick and double sticks and nunchuku.


Matt continues to learn and master kung fu. Initially the main draw cards were to become physically fit and for self-defence. Over time the pursuit of learning the art became more about the endless four dimentional jigsaw puzzle that is Wing Chun.

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